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Friday, November 25, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. The cab driver of the cab i took this evening shared with me about how the booking system works in the different taxi companies in SG. He even gave me a telephone number that is still on radio calling method and allows "negotiation" for urgent case (i.e. jump queue for a cab by paying more booking fees).

  2. A colleague in Malaysia told me about how he was stopped by a traffic police for speeding and he settled it with money. I gave him a piece of my mind, telling him that he is one of the persons who helped to corrupt our country and hence he should not be complaining about the deteriorating situation in the country.

  3. Heard on radio this morning about a news that a guy built an iPad from old tablet PC for his girlfriend. I asked myself - between a guy who would build an iPad for me and a guy would would buy one for me, which would i choose? My answer made me realised that i am actually a vain person. Heh.

  4. I bought new boxes of contact lenses on Sunday in JB before returning to SG. Since the LASIK is not gonna happen within this year anymore, i will still need to look pretty for the Christmas.

  5. I brought three big packets of tidbits to office (which contained 8 small packets each) for our department and all were finished up within just a week. The guys really like junk food - and so do i.

  6. It was all peace and quiet this week. The two girls went to stay in Malaysia with their aunt, and the landlady has gone to China for a church mission trip. There are only the landlady's sister-in-law and me in the HDB unit. However, my room hasn't been cleaned for 5 days already and it is really dirty now. In case you don't see how one is related to the other, it basically means that the landlady and her sister had been cleaning my room for me (since the maid was gone).

  7. Worked from home this Monday and Tuesday, and decided to do so again tomorrow. Aunt went to the mission trip together with my landlady and hence mom would not be going over to aunt's place before coming here like she always does every Friday. With the start of school holiday, now the foreign car permit restriction ends at 12pm instead of 5pm. Mom will come in to SG earlier, but no one is at home and i'd have to be around to open the door for her. See, i found a valid reason for me to work from home.

  8. The Johor Premium Outlet is opening soon and there is a pre-sales event on 1-Dec.

    I've registered for mom and asked her to go and have a look. Finally, we have our very own factory outlet here. Hope it is as good as the one in USA and Japan.

  9. My sprained ankle was still not completely healed. Not sure if it's because of the rain over these few days, i felt discomfort at the sprained area. Oh no, i am having rheumatism even i'm not that old yet.

  10. I am craving for something - not food but shopping. Uh huh, have wanted to do some serious shopping for months but never got to do it. Am looking forward to the year end sales now.

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hmm, what would your answer be? mine is i would prefer someone to buy for me lor, since the "remade" is still a cheepo, or imitation. if want to make, at least come out some originality ;), not copy some other people product and even its brand, heh. sometimes there are people do look pretty with glasses, you just need to choose the right pair :). but since you're an avid novel reader, especially on iphone instead of ipad, and sometimes misplace the specs and lenses, sigh, it's better for you to get LASIK treatment. perhaps new prettier pinpin will emerge :).

well, don't you think you should sometimes clean the room yourself? and oh no, you can't ask your mom to clean it for you. oh, don't use your sprained ankle not recover yet as good excuse though.. and you shouldn't have slept late even you're working from home. hope you had pleasant days this week and things in office became better. ganbatte pinpin for your upcoming workshop, don't be mad just because it ruined your plan. cheers!

Haha! u can tahan not cleaning ur room like that ah?
Lazypinpin果然非浪得虚名哟! :p

I have been to JPO and it is huge. Worth taking the day off and join your mum since you are itching for shopping.

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