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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


LF asked me today about why there was no updated posts on my blog.

Well, i've been reading novel (from my iPhone) again over these few days. And as usual, whenever i start reading a "book", i can't stop myself from reading it. Sometimes i even stay up till late nights for it.

Yeah, i know, i have self-control issue.

Anyway, the IT Manager got himself an iPhone 4S over the weekend. He was one of the customers who were invited by Starhub to be the first batch of iPhone 4S owners. He showed it to us today. We played with Siri for a while and had a good laugh.

Then just now i saw my landlady playing with her iPad2 in the living room. I looked at my iPhone 3GS and was so full of enviours. I want a new i-gadget too.

Ok, i know i've been saying that i wanna get myself an iPad2 but never really did it. That's because knowing myself lacking self-control, i worried that i'll lose more sleep if i really get one. Hence i'm hesitating.

Until i am able to control myself and be more disciplined, i will need to control my impulse of getting a new gadget.


gee, if you got an ipad2, then it would be even worse that you won't sleep at all. but you if you keep on reading on iphone, it might really hurt your eyes badly hor. anyway, you have been hesitating for a long time already, might as well wait for ipad3 instead of getting ipad2 which be obsolete soon liao.

cheers, you really need to have good discipline. hmm, what happen to the cogito scribo ...

seem like Iphone 4S have a lot of problem leh!

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