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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tribute to a great man

My friends know that i am an Apple fans. What they may now know is that i like and respect Steve Jobs very much for his work and leadership.

I am not gonna write a long post about him and his passing. I believe much have been and will be said about him for the coming days or even weeks. I am also not writing this simply because everyone else is doing it.

I just want to post this up as a tribute to him.

For my friends who know me since young will remember that my dad was in the computer business. He set up his own business and it was the very first shop in JB that sold computers (a distributor). That was back in the 1980s. For those who are familiar with the development of computers should know that back in those days, the most popular personal computer was the Apple II.

Yes, back in those days, when i was just a kindergarten kid, i had my first encounter with computers. There were always a few Apple II at home that my dad brought back from the shop. To my brother and i, these computers were just another toy for us to play the games (oh those monochrome green screen!).

Sometimes when i looked back, i would wonder what i would have become today if my dad had not gotten sick, sold the business and passed away. The path of my life would have been so different. But then, there is never a 'would-have-been' in our life.

Anyway, in remembrance of Steve Jobs, i am going to post up the screenshots from the Apple homepage here.

Some people may not like him and may have different opinion of him, but to people who are in the technology field, he was undoubtedly one of the greatest geniuses in our era.

How do you know if a person is truly great and has made history? Well, if even the strongest competitor pays tribute and mourns his passing, then there is no doubt about his eminence in his field and to the world.


i had my first encounter with computer in 1992 but it was not Apple, and i never own any Apple product. nevertheless, Steve Jobs no doubt is one great technology pioneer who indeed changed the world that would not be in this pace without him. talking about how windows OS copied mac gui. even his quote is motivational, straight forward and just how he remarked on his rivals. sigh, there's so much yet to be unleashed, and yet with this passing .... it's a sad, sad day for today.

oh, you misspelled his name on your FB .... anyway, you are an IT girl today.

Yes, and so i realised that i kept spelling his name wrongly, without the 's'. Oops, what a disrespect!

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