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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm in the cab now. Left office at 11pm after a long conference call with USA.

The pretty girl team member joined the call from KL office too. Her husband was waiting for her in the office to go home together. That kinda reminded me of those similar days I used to have but would never return again. This somehow does dampen my mood, especially after a long tiring day.

Anyway, can't wait to get back "home" and sleep.


how come a non-staff member can like that access to the office woh, where is the confidentiality of your project development work and trade secret ... oh, don't bother about my sarcasm; try not to overwork yourself and get adequate rest. hope today and tomorrow your mood gonna be cheer up :).

I hope you don't mind me asking you, are you still doing navision?

Henry, yes, i am still in NAV field.

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