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Monday, September 12, 2011

The past weekend

I've just finished packing my "luggage" for tomorrow. Well, actually it is not really a luggage but just a small duffel bag since i'm just gonna stay for a night in KL.

I had a good weekend.

EY came in to JB on Saturday to source for furniture for his new HDB unit. I spent almost an entire day bringing him to different furniture shops at my area, including PT's shop. He is quite fussy about the furniture he wants and it wasn't easy to find. His house will only be ready near end of the year and hence he would come in to JB again to place order for the furniture. Anyway, i did have an enjoyable time catching up with him over lunch and dinner with him.

Last night, after EY had returned to SG, i started watching an anime downloaded from PPS onto my iPhone. It was quite good and i finished watching all 25 episodes of it today (each episode is less than 25min long).

I have not been using my iPhone to watch videos until recently i was looking for a Taiwanese drama that i missed the last few episodes (and couldn't find it on the Web). I installed the free Apps for streaming videos and realised the shows could actually be watched offline if i download them onto the phone. After spending the weekend watching some shows and the anime, i earn for iPad2 even more now.

Perhaps i should stop hesitating. It is actually just a few clicks (and a few thousands Ringgit) away.


ha, and now you started to get addicted with anime liao, that's not kind of right preparation to meet for the CIO lor . and about the patience to download the 25 episodes .... gee, wonder what's the anime genre that makes you worth to put that effort. oh, in case you forget, the smurf is out in cinema already, la-la-lalala-la.

getting an ipad2 is not so bad given that you are so DEPENDENT on iphone already to the extent to watch anime on it. and since that you're an avid reader, it certainly suits well not only being mobility and stores many titles but also much much better than pathetically straining your eyes on the the iphone lor, haiyah. plus the feel is different when you to show photos, videos, facebook, even office documents and spreadsheet. in business sense it makes one look professional (your boss should make all higher execs to carry ipad2 to have work carry out effectively). perhaps you could wait for the launch of ipad3 which is nearby, or ipad4, ipad 5, etc etc, come on, pinpin, you're a manager and team lead, stop being indecisive (of course it's easy to say when my purse is not in the concern, haha, btw i don't own iphone/ipad2 and i'm not anti apple).

oh, monday is mid autumn festival, and a greeting card for you http://i.123g.us/c/esep_harvestmoonfest/card/103734.swf :). don't be sulky with the consultants on this day hor, especially with CIO around. and enjoy the nice lunch+dinner. cheers.

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