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Monday, September 05, 2011

Spot the difference

I've not been blogging as regularly as i'd hope i would.

Well, besides being hectic at work, i'm also spending time editing and uploading the photos of my USA trip onto FB. The progress is slow.

Anyway, here's one picture that i edited today and thought it would be fun to share it here.

Here's a picture taken at the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood. Spot the different on the fountain (disregarding the tourists):

It's obvious, isn't it? Well, that's because there are two pictures put side-by-side for comparison. If i did not put the first one, anyone would have thought there were originally four figures all together.

Uh huh, there was this guy dressed like the statue walking onto the fountain and started posing with the statues.

He could have easily fooled anyone if he could stay stationary.

[Updated] Ah, right after i published the post and looked at the picture again, i noticed the figure on the left (holding the light) was also different - the hand moved! So i guess that was a real man too (but i did not notice it when i was there).

[Updated again] Ok, after looking at the picture AGAIN, i think it should be the angle of the shot that caused the difference. I do not think that is a real man.


haha! it is funny. I was amazed by your photo editing skill initially that you could make someone dissappearred from picture.

Very interesting! not sure whether that guy is having hard time applying the make up for long duration.

Nice sharing! ym

Nice picture. Nice cam.
Pai Seh! I only realised the post is senget leh! :p

:O i pity the guy(s) disguised as statues, have to post under the hot hot sun. didn't they have to answer the nature's call too ... it's a intriguing post indeed :). cheers.

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