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Friday, August 12, 2011

Post vacation blues

I'm not kidding you, this is really what i'm suffering from now.

Check out Wikipedia on the explanation of post vacation blues. Sometimes there may even be depression too!

So, be prepared to read more rants than vacation sharing on this blog for the coming days.

First off, i gotta deal with the jet lag for sure. In fact, it should be bed time for me now in LA time zone. Yet, i'm now stuck here in KLIA waiting for the postponed flight. So do bear with me, for a person deprived of sleep is normally more easily agitated.

Then, if i were to sum up the vacation briefly, i would say that it is not really as good as i had hoped. In fact, there were quite a number of unpleasant days and unhappy events. I've not made a calculation of the total amount i spent on this entire trip, but a rough estimate would be around SGD8K. I did not really feel that it was money well-spent, and i could only keep on telling myself that i should be thankful and feel blessed that i am able to spare this amount without feeling much pinch financially.

Lastly, and the worst of all, is that i am feeling a lot of pressure from work. The HK project kick-off will be held on 16/8 (next Tuesday) and boss wants me to be there even though i've told him that the two ladies should be able to handle it by themselves. Basically, he has no confidence in them, especially on project and people management portion.

This means that i gotta fly off to HK on 15/8 and be there for about two weeks (will be back in SG on 27/8). I'll have to rush for the project materials over the weekend, as i've not done anything on it during the vacation. I also have tons of work piled up after 2 weeks of absence, and a major document due by end of the month.

On personal affairs, i have yet to settle my lost IDs and my sprained ankle is still not recovered yet. The time is also almost up for me to settle the painful affair that i'm sure gonna drain me physically and emotionally.

Ok, now that i'm done with the rant on this blog, i'll have to deal with my blues in real life. Whether it is work or personal, i just gotta work through it.

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er, don't tell that you are the one who edited the part on depression, jetlag in wikipedia .... poor girl, but nevermind lah, at least you fulfilled the goal of bringing your mom to see your bro and had a family reunion, not to mention of visiting hollywood, vegas, batman, shopping spree, etc etc in the States. why your boss is so inconsiderate one? with internet and telecommunication these days , sure you can still coordinate the project with 2 of your teammates on site even you are not being there physically. plus, it does not reflect the real you since you are not in good form in performing if the blue spreads into the project, for you did not have appropriate time to replenish your energy - physically and mentally (hey, even superhero like batman still needs to eat and rest too mah). you boss obviously needs to seek to understand before being understood.

sigh, that's reality of working life , gotta deal with it lor. i guess the consolation would be you are not flying from KLIA/MAS but changi this time .... oh, you should bring along lots of chicken essence. don't overstress yourself too much, don't be easily get agitated. and hey, since you have confidence in your teammates, perhaps you can treat the HK trip as sightseeing. gosh, i'm preaching you to be slack. hopefully you got your all IDs settled before you fly again, you shouldn't have postponed it again and again (wonder if your boss ok to postpone the trip instead). keep it up pinpin, you know you are one strong gal. stay positive in no matter what situation, remember you always have friends and fans who always stand by you. cheers.

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