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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

At Hollywood

This is gonna be a quick update.

My brother was and still is driving me up the wall. I couldn't help but felt fortunate that i do not stay with him in my daily life; otherwise, I think I would have gone mad already.

Well, the good news is that I'm now in a hotel room at Sunset Boulevard. Mom and I have spent the evening walking along the famous Hollywood Boulevard. It's a tourist area but interesting and colourful. I've taken quite a lot of photos there (without mom or me in the pictures).

My plan for tomorrow is to visit Universal Studios at Hollywood. Woohoo!

Now I finally feel that I'm on vacation.

(This post was written on 1-Aug-11, 11.52pm)


welcome to hollywood! that's the "original" universal studio i bet you're gonna to visit there! and great to know that you have made the wisest choice. you and your bro can still meet each other mah after work and weekend (there's still one more weekend to spend with, isn't it) :). hopefully he will come to realize how very fortunate he is to have such nice sister to come all the way 8,000 miles for family reunion! very lucky he indeed. aiya, why did you miss the photograph of you and your mom? the next time, you must have a great family photograph of you, your mom and your bro at such iconic place! never let go this opportunity especially after many obstacles you have gone through, and the petty squabbles you and your bro had will not gonna break you, ok (i hope they were really petty ...) ?

enjoy the holiday to the fullest! look forward for more positive and happy stuff you're going to post. cheers, and cut down your workaholism when you're in holiday hor.

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