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Monday, July 18, 2011

Flight delayed

Great, the flight is gonna be delayed for about 20 minutes. In fact, the plane has just arrived and the passengers from the lat flight are just coming out from the gate.

This is nothing new. I've heard people complaining about Air Asia's flights are often delayed, but I've never encountered personally before. All the flights I've taken on Air Asia before, none had been late. MAS, on the other hand, often has flight delays. I'm not sure if that's because I take more MAS flight than Air Asia, or MAS indeed is worse. Anyway, SIA is still the best airlines I've taken so far, even among all the different foreign carriers. It's the same for the airport too - Changi Airport is the best airport out of the many airports I've been to so far.

Oh, there was a small incident just now. An aunty who seemed to only spoke Cantonese approached me earlier and asked me where was Gate #2, which is the gate I'm waiting at. So I asked her, with my half-baked Cantonese, if she was going to KL. She said yes and so I told her that I'm on the same flight as her. She looked glad and said she would just follow me.

Then just now after the announcement about the flight delay, she came to me again and asked what the announcement was about. I told her about the delay and she looked worried, and then showed me her air ticket. It was then I saw that she was actually taking Firefly and the boarding time was printed as 8:15 am. I told her about it and helped her to check the boarding gate from the screen. Fortunately the flight status was shown as "final call" and the flight has not departed yet. I then pointed her to the right gate and saw her got into the gate successfully, with the airline attendant at the gate showing an unhappy face (and seemed to be scolding the aunty too).

I wonder why an aunty who does not know Malay and English was travelling alone, but a lesson learned for me is that we should never assume; always check and confirm the details. If I had checked the aunty's ticket when she first approached me, she would not have almost missed her flight.


wah, what a close. you almost got the aunty stranded. luckily, the delay set the alarm (and yet you still being sarcastic about it). i wonder if there had not been the delay, the aunty would have followed you and continue to wait until 8:50. and you would not have peace of mind, might even spoil your mood in upcoming grand holiday. phew!

don't blame yourself over this mishap, sometimes these details escape as they are not the usual routine, and who would have acted so busy body to ask for the person ticket. not to say somemore you must be lacked of sleep and your mind is occupying with work. perhaps this incident will make you a better, thoughtful and cautious person :). hmm, half baked cantonese? didn't your teammate in KL help you to polish it up, haha. cheers. and don't sleep late.

You have helped her. I believe she is courageous. Not everyone is so daring.

You have done a good deed.

Luckily she was in senai not .KLIA or else. Otherwise, she has no way to travel to LCCT and catch the flight in time .

You are her angel of the day. ym

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