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Monday, July 18, 2011

At Senai Airport

Blogging with the iPhone apps again. I'm starting to like it.

Taking the 8:50am flight to KL again today. When i was there two weeks ago, I was supposed to complete the system design with my team, but there were simply too many meetings that took my time away from the work that I was supposed to be doing up there. Hence I gotta go there again this week, right before my vacation that starts next Wednesday.

Talk about the vacation, seeing the count down going into single digit days, I'm starting to feel excited. It's not so much about visiting LA but seeing my brother again after more than a decade. I've never expected i'd be looking forward to seeing him too. I guess blood is indeed thicker than water.

There are already a few meetings scheduled for this week as well. I hope there won't be more, so that I can get my work done and enjoy my holiday without worrying about the unfinished work.

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err, just about a week ago you were cursing over blogging with iphone. you really changed fast ..... oh ,besides work (it's unfinished anyway), better make sure you won't leave anything out from your checklist too, don't get everything done in very last minute. and better quickly get your international license renewed!

sure you can count on your team, sometimes you gotta leave some space and let them grow too, if you do everything yourself, not only you are pampering them, you might over-tiring and stress yourself. remember you are working as team :). cheers, all the best.

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