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Monday, July 18, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. I have signed up Google+ through an invitation from a colleague.

  2. Mom and i went shopping for some groceries over the weekends for our LA trip. Mom is gonna cook some local dishes for my brother and his landlady (a Singaporean) when we are there.

  3. Have not planned for my trip yet. Mom said my brother won't be able to take any leave from work, and i wonder how we are to commute and travel around there. I will have to renew my international license before i go there, for i may probably need to rent a car for going around.

  4. Totally missed this GSS. Have been to busy that i didn't go shopping or buy anything at all. Anyway, i'll compensate it with shopping spree in the USA.

  5. Have planned to finish uploading all the photos from my previous business trips (Taiwan and USA) to FB before my LA vacation, but didn't get to do it this weekend. I think i most probably won't be blogging the travel logs anymore (such as the trip to Bali, Japan, Shanghai), for it has passed too long and would take too much of my time. I've shared the trips with my friends via photos on FB anyway.

  6. Met up with LF they all on Saturday and had a great lunch and chatting session. I am glad to have a chance to see Carol before she delivers her baby in October.

  7. A colleague from the USA wrote to me and asked me a rumour that she said was going around there - i was planning to move to the USA. I was surprised at how fast news travels. I've indeed intentionally told a few selected people about my intention of working overseas, but i didn't expect this message to travel half-a globe to the USA!

  8. Went to make a new pair of glasses on Sunday and was told that the power of my myopia in both eyes has actually decreased but astigmatism increased a bit. This is a sign of ageing and the result of spending too much time on light-emitting devices. I think i will have presbyopia very soon. The eyes of people nowadays age faster than in the older days, and it is even more so for people like me who spend excessive hours in front of the computer or iPhone.

  9. Wanted to order iPad2 online (from Malaysia) yesterday but the delivery date will be within Friday to next Tuesday. I couldn't put KL office address nor my JB home address, so didn't proceed with the purchase in the end. No iPad for my vacation then. I should have ordered it earlier.

  10. Will be in KL again for this week. It is still crazy at work.

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hmm, why not just get one while you are at mid valley, surely there's apple reseller and you can save for delivery cost too (if there is). the last time i checked, the price is about rm 1.7k - 2.1k, cheaper than laptop. try to reduce the monitor's brightness and contrast to protect your eyes. for some monitors like dell, the default settings are usually quite bright, you probably should reduce the setting to minimum. as long as you have mind over it, your eyes' condition are not deteriorating,

aiya, try to moderate the craziness in work. keep the positive attitude, gal, you can do it. don't overstress yourself, especially your holiday is near! (sigh, as much as i could read about the upcoming travelblog ...) all the best.

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