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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another late night

Am on the cab now. Left office at around 9pm, and it has been working late in the office everyday for me.

Somehow, I am very motivated over these few weeks, and so I don't really feel negatively about being so hectic at work, even though I am physically tired.

I think the countdown to my vacation contributed a lot to my unusually high morale. As the counter went into the range of 10+ days, my motivation to focus and work hard increased. See, it does help when there is something to look forward to.

Oh, and I am typing this on my iPhone with an App I installed yesterday. Let's see if it works at all, but before I click Publish, I'd better copy all these texts first.

Ok, here we go.


tada, it finally got through wor :)
quickly settle all the backlogs before your boss abruptly called you in middle of your holiday then very bad lor. well, if you're tired, better get to bed early than staying late unhealthily, and time passes quickly too till your holiday. stay positive gal :)

Ya. that's y I always plan vacation mah! I work for eat + trip. :p
Enjoy ur trip.

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