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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New look with bugs

Here's what happened yesterday.

I left office at around 10pm yesterday and then decided that i was not gonna switch on my laptop since it was late already. So i decided to blog using my iPhone.

First i typed out a post titled "Meetings" and talked about how hectic it was at work, with most of my time spent on back-to-back meetings. After half-an-hour of typing with much difficulty on iPhone, i clicked Publish and then it returned an error page. I clicked the Back button and it went back to a blank post. I click on my post list and there was no draft of that post either.

Fed up, i typed a new post ranting about how i lost my post and was not gonna re-typed what i had wanted to post earlier. I clicked Publish and again was hit with an error page. The second post was again no where to be found.

I was so pissed and hence i typed out the last post with my email and the published it through the email. (Yes, Blogger does have this blogging via email facility.)

The problem was with this new dashboard. Blogger revamped the user interface and it has a totally new look now. Somehow, this new interface does not work so well on iPhone browser (i was not using any Apps to blog but accessing it through the browser). It seems unable to publish any post successfully.

In addition, the new design also removed the auto-saving function. Previously, the post would auto-save by itself every few minutes as we were editing it. Hence if anything happened, we would have a draft in our post list. Yet, now it won't do it automatically anymore, and the worst part is even if we wanna do it manually by clicking the Save button, it would just return an error message. This means that we can't save any draft anymore; i just gotta copy and save it in Notepad or something.

Great job, Blogger. I would have loved the new look if you didn't have the bugs to come with it.


if only google had hired you as its IT consultant then none of this nonsense would happen, haha :)

oh, once i typed long explanatory email and just before it got sent out the webmail hanged. and unlike you to have option to be pissed not to rewrite, i have to type the content all over again ..... sigh, what an unfortunate incident that caused your blog readers to miss another story of yours :( - hopefully it was a toned down rant compared to the past ones, aha. apple and google indeed don't get well along, perhaps you should try to blog with the android mini xperia (sarcasm). don't get angry hor.

cool down, another 13 days to go for your grand trip! so things must turn out to be good, it should really be that way. and don't stress too much yourself. cheers.

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