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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ok, i am not gonna write a long post on my thoughts about the Bersih rally. I think a lot have already been said everywhere, and my stand should be obvious to those who know me. My reactions were not any different from most people - touched, angered, shaken and awakened.

What i do wanna say is that i've realised through this event that i had actually given up hope for the country (as i was thinking of migrating), and because of that i had become somewhat apathetic to many things that were going on in the country. I have lots of complaints and dissatisfaction about my mother land, but i've never really thought of doing anything for it. In my mind, i already felt that it is hopeless and it would only worsen until we hit rock bottom. Hence i would spend time working for other cause than to work to better my country. I had lost almost 99% of patriotism in me.

Yet, after seeing how the people came together, and seeing their courage and determination, it had me thinking really hard and re-examine myself seriously.

If there is a similar effect on half of the people who have read the news and watched the video clips online, then i think the rally has achieved more than it set out to do in the first place.

Kudos to all the people who pressed on in the face of adversity. You all are heroes.


whatever it is, it's still a place where our parents and family live, where we knew our friends to share laughter and happiness, where we pick our culture and have our own unique identity. Change for the good starts within everyone of us, losing hope on our country is like giving up oneself and putting blame on others, like running away from problem rather stand together to face the plight. it's just like resigning from a company when every single staff got a part to turn it around to make it a great place. and i don't i think you're that kind of person will run away from mess without fixing it first :). though it's small miniscule step, as long one stays responsible, hardworking and dutiful in job to bring in economy and make good reputation to foreigners, plus be mindful to surrounding people around, i guess that's a way of patriotism too. see, you still have patriotism in you!

If you read history of England, they too had turbulent times - reformation, republic, restoration, revolution and eventually a country that many nations envious of. they came with a long long history. everyone if is given a chance will want change for the good. so, don't give up our country too early, there's still future ahead for us.

your last 2 paragraphs makes those who did not join the rally kind of ashamed for themselves (me included when many of my friends had joined). though it probably would be hijacked, i will play my part in coming GE. you too should be. if you migrate, you're wasting the heroes' effort.

and hey, why are you still staying up so late? you gotta have good rest recharging yourself properly to deliver one great quality of work, and stay healthy gal. cheers.

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