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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All set to go

I will only do a quick update now and will see if i can write more tomorrow when i am at the airport and during transit in KL.

Got the replacement for my two credit cards and one ATM card today. Have exchanged a sum of USD and am all packed. I am so ready for the trip!

Due to the excessive walking today, the ankle is swelling up again. And i've done nothing yet about my lost IDs and driving license. In addition, there are tons of unfinished work that i would have to rush for even during my holidays, and i gotta deal with my moody staff again today.

Yet, despite all these, i am in a chirpy mood now. I guess that's the magic a long vacation has on people.


wait, wait, you're still working today?! you should have fixed your IDs. even if you didn't want to waste your meagre AL, you could have used the MC. sigh ... oh well, since this is the course, might just go along with it. don't let this be one anxiety during your trip, and most likely the wallet is another misplace. hmm, indeed this is really quite a trial - work, sprain, loss, bad service. nevertheless, holiday is a holiday, and must be a happy one. cheers, and have a great pleasant trip and reunion!

Bon Voyage!!!

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