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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sprained ankle

I sprained my ankle this evening when I was out with my department for a farewell dinner. My ankle now swells like an elephant leg.

It hurts when I walk. No, it actually hurts even when I'm laying the foot on a pillow now. I'm not sure if I can get to work tomorrow without problem.

Just great. Only one week away from my much looked forward vacation and now I sprained my ankle.

I'm too upset and in pain now to blog more.



hey, what happened?! how it could end up like that? you're wearing high heels, aren't you? this is no kidding matter! you gotta walk less, else condition could become worse. long ago i had sprained both of my ankles in separate cases, and it was awfully hurt, especially that time was the first time for each. and it took about 2-3 months to heal completely.

sigh, sorry to read about this, how could this incident happen? someone must have been cursing you. you should consult doctor immediately for proper medication. bandage the ankle/foot heavily to reduce movement wholly. if possible (even they don't look nice) get walking clutches for fast recovery. you have to be very careful next time with the ankle as it tends to get sprained again easily - i got mine twice on one of the ankle total of 3 times. try to stay optimistic, don't be so overly upset over this (though i wanted to say, childishly, your colleagues can help you out for the piling work ...). when the mood is good, the recovery can be hastened too. especially don't let this totally blow your holiday - mentally. (hmm, does your mum have international license so that she could be the driver instad of you in the States). for this period of time, eat nutritious food with calcium and protein. wishing you a speedy recovery. remember, you are a strong gal, nothing can stop you from your pursuit! remember, remember!

hope today turns out to be better than yesterday. sigh .... steel yourself gal. though the vacation would be impacted, family reunion is still most important. don't be overly upset due to this injury, and please stay optimistic. -HY-

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