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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horrendous customer service

I had a brief but terrible experience with the customer service of Public Bank when i was reporting my lost ATM card:

(CS = Customer Service)

Rude CS: "Hello?" (He did not even greet the customers with the company name or identify himself)

PinPin: "Hi, i've lost my ATM Card today and would like to report it."

Rude CS: "Ok, your IC number?" (in a rude tone)

PinPin: "750201-01-xxxx"

Rude CS: "Your bank account number?"

PinPin: "Huh, i do not know my bank account number."

Rude CS: "You only have one account with Public Bank?"

PinPin: "Yes."

Rude CS: "Ok, the card is cancelled."

PinPin: "Erm, so i just go to any of the branches to get a new card?"

Rude CS: "Yes."

PinPin: "Ok, thanks."

Rude CS: "Ok." (Then put down the phone)

I was appalled by such service level. Seriously, i've always thought that Public Bank provides the best service among all the banks in Malaysia, and now i know that i'm so wrong.

When i called the banks in Singapore, the customer service personnel was very polite and helpful (or at least they sounded so). They would asked me a bunch of questions to verify my identity before proceeding with my request.

Yet, with Public Bank, all i need to say is just my IC number? So anyone can just call in to cancel someone else's card!

Furthermore, the way that he conducted himself on the phone had absolutely no courtesy. No "may I", "please" or "thank you". All questions were asked in one incomplete sentence in a rude tone. He also did not offer to tell me how i could get a replacement card, nor did he greet the customers properly when picking up and putting down the call. It was horrendous.

I think i'd better call the bank again to make sure the ATM card has indeed been cancelled. I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't.

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haha! welcome to M'sia.
M'sia BOLEH!!!!

Friend, you know what's the first thing I'll do when I call any Customer Service Hotline?
I'll first find out his/her name b4 I proceed. I'll write down the name, the date, the time I call.
em..... normally they'll be more polite after they tell me the name. :p
I remember last time when I don't have car, I seek help from Min to pick up one of my lost card in JB(had verified with bank can be done with authorisation letter). But the teller reject this request. So I told Min no need to do anything just find out what's the teller name, and I'll follow up myself later. surprisingly after 5mins, Min call me up and told me that now she just need to fill in a form, then can get the card. It's funny, right?
So sometimes M'sian people really need to learn from S'porean, w/o complaining our services wouldn't improved. So for the sake of our country, love her by complaining ^-^

by the way, don't let your mood spoilt b'cos of these people.
Count down 19hours leh!
Enjoy your trip.

ah, i learned new way of tackiling horrible customer service. thanks! might be come handy one day. by the way, if you read jeffooi's blog in 2005, 2006, there's complaint on MAS service from a reader and eventually she got the attention of upper management and reply from it (not sure about the compensation). and a complaint about maxis too from blogger himself. perhaps you should pen up a complaint to the department head . like your friend's Sui wrote (and also your user to your service, if there is any ...), if there's no "black and white" feedback, how would the management aware of the problem and buck up (though they should have common sense lah). No worry, this is not a restaurant or KFC, you don;t need to be afraid for the waiter to retaliate on your food, like squeezing table cloth onto .... (darn i'm too imaginative, but seriously, that's what my friend did!) ....

the word horrendous is quite exaggerate a bit - not that he's not going to attend your service, he is just being rude. compare to other CS who might make you wait, pass, wait, at the end gain nothing. especially when you make the call to the hotline with mobile... hmm, probably you're accustomed with SG CS style that you find malaysian counterpart such response rude. of course, in commercial world full of competitiveness, such attitude is intolerable, and there are lots of improvement that can be applied, if only the majority public emphasize this to make it one important factor of demand. and in another perspective, it's good to become friendly with each other lor for the sake of win-win situation (habit #6, aha), customer with bad impression of the company would be shocked with sudden attentive and dedicated friendly customer service (which it should be at the first place, but you know malaysia lah), and the staff not only he/she has offered excellent service, he/she might get praised and become a model. err, maybe i have exaggerated ...

anyway, malaysians should "only" copy the "good" things of singaporean, not the bad ones. hopefully your ATM is canceled. hmm, i wonder if you have malaysian credit card, and you call the hotline to report loss the response would be still the same or not. sigh ... don't think too much of the loss as you have addressed the matter well even the time is short. tomorrow finally is the day! cheers, and enjoy your trip :).

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