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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update on the sprain

Am back in JB now.

So let's backtrack a bit on what happened.

I was out with my department to have a farewell dinner at a restaurant in The Gardens. There was this ramp at the entrance. It was not obvious and i didn't notice it. There was when i sprained my left ankle. A few of my colleagues actually told me that they too almost fell at the same place.

At the very moment when i sprained it, i could feel numbness and pain on my ankle and the entire foot. I stood there and wait for the numbness and pain to pass. It took about a minute or so, and then i didn't feel the pain anymore (perhaps it was still numb). Then i sat in the restaurant for almost two hours, during which time i did not attend to the sprain immediately (as i did not want to make a fuss out of it). When the farewell dinner ended, i stood up and started walking, there was when i started to feel the pain.

Little brother then sent me back to the hotel and on our way back, he went to a pharmacy and got me a tube of ointment. I also bought a bandage for binding up the ankle and foot to protect it.

Here's a picture i took on the night when i was back at the hotel. The ankle was all swollen and painful:

So what i did on the first night was to apply some ice at the swelling area and place a pillow beneath my foot when i slept. I also bandaged it at all times except when taking bath. Lastly, i also prayed for God to heal it.

The next day, little brother picked me up from the hotel to work. Then my team members said they wanna bring me to see a sensei but then they said the famous one is at Old Klang Road and normally there will be a long wait to see the sensei. I told them that i do not want to waste time waiting for so long and drive so far. They then searched the Web for a nearby sensei, but i told them i do not feel comfortable simply going to see a Chinese physician without knowing if he is good, for i have had bad experience before with Chinese physician aggravating my injury instead of curing it.

In the end, i went to the clinic next to our office block (our panel doctor) and as expected, the doctor simply prescribed some painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication for me. I took the anti-inflammatory medicine but not the painkillers, as it was not really that painful until i couldn't stand it.

This morning, i woke up feeling a lot better. I did not really feel much pain and i think the swelling has subsided a bit too. However, there seems to be some numbness at my foot and i still can't bend the foot too much (it feels "tight" as i move it). I dare not putting too much pressure on the left leg and hence i was still limping.

Then just now, after i got home and removed the bandage, i saw that the ankle was still a bit swollen and the bruises has started showing. Oddly enough, the bruises seemed to concentrate at the lower part of the ankle.

Mom is gonna bring me to see a orthopedist tomorrow morning. She is very worried, especially when our long-awaited trip is just 4 days away.

Oh well, no point in worrying about things that had already happened. I feel that it is healing well, but i shall know for sure after seeing the specialist tomorrow.


phew, luckily it was left foot. but then, to call this fortunate is also not really right since it shouldn't have happened instead. and hey, don't tell you shed tears again for this injury. sigh, like what you have written, no point of worrying on what has already happened, and use the time to focus on healing and also action items so that your holiday will not be hampered much by this mishap (have to modify some of the vacation checklist plan lor). the trip must go on. treat this as a test of your optimism, don't let yourself down because of the fault that is not yours. and no matter what, enjoy the trip, especially with your family together :).

the last time i kena, i even could hear my bone cracked. bandage the ankle tightly to restrain its movement completely so that it would minimize pain when you walk around, and even faster recovery. certain ointment (like zhenggu shui) has effect on skin where the application could build cracks and harden, so don't over apply it. and don't believe like in chinese dramas where the more you rub aggressively the sooner the recovery would be, this is just myth. be conscious on what you eat too, and be disciplined on taking the medicine.

well, the incident revealed your teammates are really really concerned about you, especially to boss like you who opted not taking leave due to the injury. salute, gal. hope your colleagues see you so courage will become motivated in work too - and they should be when coupled with having reliable boss. department farewell dinner? do you mean the snr consultant? hope that was not another calibre person of yours, sigh. lastly, stay strong and positive. cheers.

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