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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transit at KLIA

Am at KLIA now. There is a 4-hour transit time before we board the plane again to LA.

I just posted a status onto my FB:

I thought of doing some work here while waiting and was connected to the KLIA free wifi. But then, i could not access the Web pages of my company Gmail, Facebook or Blogger. It would just show the connection error page. Since there is a maximum data charge per day with Digi 3G, i decided not to waste my time trying to get the wifi working and connect via my iPhone instead.

You see, it's not that i like to bash my mother land. The problem is that the progress and quality of the development do not match up to the price - every little project costs more than millions of ringgit and yet we aren't getting that kind of worth.

Alright, this post is not to rant about our country, so let's move on.

The morning flight from SG to KL was at 9.50am. It was delayed a bit and we arrived at KLIA at around 11.25am. When mom and i were at Changi Airport T2, the location where Starbucks used to be was replaced by another cafe. And so we had breakfast there.

When we checked in at Changi this morning, i asked the airline staff to change seat for me. As expected, there was no more available seats at all. The lady advised me to check again at the transfer counter in KLIA.

Right after i arrived at KLIA, i asked the same again at the transfer counter and was told the same thing - there was not available seat. The counter lady told me to check again at the gate. She said maybe i can ask to switch with another passenger. Then i asked her (sarcastically), "do you think anyone would want to change from an aisle or front seat to a middle seat?" She said she does not think so too.

(Before you calling me nasty, please know it was because i was not happy with her attitude. She did not appear as helpful at all; rather, her entire body language and facial expression showed total apathy, as if telling me, "do not bother me". This pissed me off, especially after a series of bad experience with lousy customer service and a contrastine one last night, which i would relate it in another post.)

Anyway, i will ask again at the gate later but i seriously don't pin much hope on it.

Before i end this post, here's the lunch with exorbitant prices we had just now at KLIA:

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Cool down cool down. Don't let these shortcomings ruin your vacation. Speaking of fb, blog, my office blocks them too. Of course office is different for this situation. Maybe because there are so many negatives about malaysia in blogs, fb that it's decided to block them so that tourists cannot access them. And you should not have joined the league to bash lor. Btw, why are you working. Hey, you gotta know you are in holiday now, later probably you wanna rant about work too,spoil your chirpy mood. Cheers.

darn, supposed to post a comment in the noon, somehow the line didn't get the message pass. don't let these shortcomings to ruin your vacation. speaking of fb, blog, my office blocks them too. and sometimes certain technical information posted on some blog sites are quite helpful in work but policy is policy. of course, office is obviously different for this situation. you know lah majority postings in blogs and fbs are usually hostile to malaysia, no actually to the government, so the best way it's to have them blocked before the tourists get into it. and you shouldn't have joined in the bash as well lor. so, what are we to do with malaysia - write more on good stuff, maybe the food. oh wait .... hmm, why was the cute avatar replaced with square yellow??

btw, why were you still working? hey, you gotta know you are in holiday now - all work must be stopped effectively! since the working hours have passed and no rant about it, all must have been well :). hope you still maintain your chirpy mood despite the bad service you encountered lor. be open minded a bit lah to the customer service, the more you got "agitated" to it, it might ruin your supposed pleasant holiday lor (though you encountered obstacles of it). cheers, take good care (be more vigilant) and have fun in the States!

To be fair, I tried wifi in changi airport, the connection is bad too. even the foreigners were complaining to me. ym

No doubt Malaysia may have her weaknesses, but in reality the free wifi in Changi is non-existent whenever i tried to access it with my laptop, tablet or phone. And to be honest, the service personnel in Singapore tends to be worse especially if you are holding a Malaysian passport. Worse so if you are coming through the causeway. It is as if they do look down on Malaysians.

Malaysians on the other hand tend to have the tidak apa attitude and couldn't give jack shit as long as it doesn't affect their work. That's why often without checking they would tell you cannot.

Ok, i have not encountered problems with the wifi in Changi before despite the high frequency that i fly from there. Sometimes it does get slow but at least it is stable.

Well, our perception and opinion are formed through our own personal experiences. So my view is definitely not a balanced one - and i would not claim it is. ;)

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