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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One more day

This is probably gonna be my last update while i'm still in LA. In about another 24 hours, mom and i will be flying home.

Frankly, i can't wait to get back home, but not eager to get back to work at all. Work is piling up like crazy, and there is this nagging voice at the back of my head that kept on bugging me about it. I can't even truly put my mind at ease during my vacation. Sigh...

Anyway, i'm just gonna do a quick update and then go to bed.

Mom and i took a 3D2N tour to Las Vegas, and we just got back to my brother's place on Tuesday evening. The tour was supposed to include a day at Grand Canyon but we decided to skip it and stayed in Las Vegas instead. There is a reason for that and i'll elaborate it in another post, if i ever get to it.

Here's another teaser - here's me taking a picture of myself sulking in my brother's car with the evening sunlight.

(The aircon in his car isn't working and hence we gotta open the windows while he was speeding on the freeway.)

(This post was written on 10-Aug-11, 12.40am)


Hey girl, you got yourself a pair of sunglasses finally.

i thought you are not supposed to take photos while your brother is around. hei hei ym

Yoh! got sunglasses liao! and if you have kick the habit of crying, can do lasik lor!
Min, haha! according to what you described, her brother like a tyrant. It's not can't take photo in front of him lah! he just can't undersand why would we simply like to take photo, especially random photo. Old people can't understand youngster, this is call 2G or 3G (Generation Gap, Grand Generation Gap) :p

oh no, why is the sulking? something must not went right, and it's gotta do with the missed grand canyon trip ..guess your brother won't mind if you're just taking photo of yourself (gee, how come you took the picture and while looking at another direction)...

oh well, hope you really had wonderful trip. can't wait for your good updates, and be less sulking lor - you scare away all the charms. cheers :).

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