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Saturday, August 06, 2011


We were back at my brother's place after 4D2N of tiring but fun touring and sight-seeing.

Ok, here's an update on my sprained ankle, taken from my FB -

The long-haul flight was a torture to my foot and it looked like a pork knuckle when i reached LA:

Yes, it was as bad as it looked. Not only the ankle but the entire foot swelled up badly. There were also more bruises but oddly i didn't feel much pain.

After resting for a few days and applying ice packs and ointment, it got better. The swelling subsided and the bruises healed. It is not fully recovered though, as it is still swelling and tender to touch. I still can't move the ankle sideways without feeling the sore. I believe the speed of recovery may be slower due to the excessive walking and standing (but heck, it's all worthwhile).

Alright, since i'm on the topic of foot, here's a picture of my the other foot:

They don't call this place sunny California for nothing. I'm having very bad tan now, or maybe even sunburn. I did apply sunscreen but it didn't really help too much, especially when i'm a person with darker skin tone. I get tanned easily but take a long time to get back fairer skin.

On an unrelated note, in case i am too busy to blog about my trip (like i always do), here's a quick rundown of the places we visited for the past four days: Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios Hollywood, Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, sight-seeing tour of the rich and famous area in LA (Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, etc.), and Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour.

Just as a teaser, here's an amusing sight we saw when we stepped onto Hollywood Boulevard:

Uh huh, Batman was queuing up for hot dog. You see, superheroes also need to eat. ;)

The charming Batman noticed me taking picture of him and he actually smiled at me (but not seen in this picture):

(This post was written on 5-Aug-11, 5.10pm)

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glad to see your foot is back to normal (from the picture). the first picture is quite scary with the bruise and swell. you gotta minimize walking + standing when you back from trip for speedy recovery lor. you have showed it - seems the sprain really cannot break you, stop you from enjoying the holiday :).

so odd, singapore and malaysia are located at equator and sunny place too and yet you got sunburn in CA but not here. by the way batman is still a human, not mutant or extraterrestrial life, so he still needs to eat. you should have used the zoom feature to capture superhero smile, what a waste! cheers, and have fun :).

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