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Friday, August 12, 2011

Transit at KLIA again

I am actually in a rather bad mood now for various reasons, and i'll rant about one of the main contributing factors.

After 20 hours of travelling half a globe back to Malaysia, i am now in KLIA again.

We arrived at KLIA at around 12pm and the flight back to SG is at 4:30pm. Mom and i had thought of going out of the airport but then there is no facility in KLIA to place our hand-carry luggage. What a lousy airport.

So, we ended up waiting here at a restaurant where we had a lousy tasting lunch at exorbitant prices, again:

(Two weeks ago when we were in-transit here, mom bought a small bottle of mineral water for RM12!!!)

While we were waiting here, i remembered that there was an email i received while the plane stopped by Taiwan to refuel. It was from Zuji, the website where i bought the air tickets. The email mentioned that the airline had informed Zuji about a change in my flight schedule and asked me to give their customer care centre a call. I did so and was told that our flight back to SG was changed to 5:30pm. I was puzzle about this because we have already gotten the boarding passes for this leg of the flight when we checked in at LAX, so i didn't understand how they could simply change my flight just like that.

Since i was already at the airport, i went to make an enquiry at MAS counter. The ground crew informed me that the 4:30pm flight was cancelled and hence i was moved to the flight that departs an hour later. Notice that i said "i was moved". Yes, after checking the system, the lady could not locate my mom's name in the system. Apparently, they cancelled the flight and moved me to a later flight, but my mom's booking was simply cancelled without moving her accordingly too.

Anyway, the lady took back the boarding passes of the cancelled flight and then re-issued new ones for mom and me. This also means that my transit time here has just been extended by another hour. Fortunately i did check email and call Zuji, otherwise we may have problem getting onto the plane later.

Actually the flight with MAS had not been pleasant at all, but i told myself that i should not keep on comparing SIA with MAS, for we get what we pay for. But then, this flight cancellation and how it was handled have worsened my perception on MAS (when it was already not very good to begin with). It sure doesn't help when i'm so tired and in need of a bath desperately (i can't stand my oily flat hair, uncleaned face and teeth!).

Alright, enough of this rant for now. Mom had gone around looking to buy a bottle of water again and the cheapest she could find cost RM9. She didn't buy it this time. The drinks in this restaurant costs RM6 per cup, and so i'm gonna move to Burger King or Starbucks.

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welcome back! luckily you were "diligently" checking email during the transit. anyway, mas already has a share swap deal AA ,who knows under AA guidance it will emerge with better service offer lor (cross finger). rm 12 bottle is like buying a coffee from starbucks.

hopefully you still able to have gathering with your school friends. but before this, you gotta settle your IDs first lor. cheers.

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