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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend in HK

I'm now in the hotel room, rushing the slides for tomorrow.

Uh huh, it's gonna be my session tomorrow and i've not done any preparation. After i started doing it, i realised there are quite a lot of things to prepare. I'm also toying with the idea of conducting the session tomorrow in Cantonese, but it may slow down the speed if i really do that because i'd have to translate the language in my head first before speaking it. The benefit of doing so is that it will help me to relate better with the users, and also it will probably help to keep them awake too - because it's gonna sound so funny and they would be so entertained for the entire session.

I didn't do any work yesterday, for i figured that i needed a break (even though i just returned from a long vacation). I slept till afternoon, had a quick lunch and then took to train to SOGO at Causeway Bay. I only walked around for an hour or two and did not buy anything except some food stuff for dinner. HK is a crowded place, especially on weekends, and i do not like it at all. Hence i also do not enjoy shopping here either.

Then today, i went around the area near the hotel and bought a pair of shoes that i could wear with with my office attire and fit in the walking cast. Since my sprained ankle has not fully recovered yet, i cannot wear high-heels and must still wear the walking cast to protect it if i need to do lots of walking (the hotel is within walking distance to the office). I do not have any flat-heel shoes that can go with my office attire, and hence i only brought a pair of sport shoes and a pair of sandals with me. When i wore the sport shoes with my formal pants last week, it looked so odd. That was why i decided that i gotta get a pair of flat-heel shoes that are without back quarters so that my foot can fit into it even when i'm wearing the walking cast.

I did not go out or meet up with the two consultants over the weekend. It is best to give everyone a break from each other, for i'm sick of facing them, especially the emotional face of the senior consultant. I believe they feel the same too. They have their own friends here and their own plans already anyway.

Before i end this post and get back to work, here are some pictures i took over these few days:

Porridge for dinner on Tuesday night (艇仔粥):

Lunch at Starbucks yesterday:

Lunch today - chicken rice and coffee + tea drink (鸳鸯):

And one of the things i love to do whenever i travel to another country is to visit the local supermarkets or grocery stores because this is the place where we get to see different products and have a glimpse into the daily life of the people there. Sometimes i can spend almost an hour in the store browsing the products on the shelves even without buying anything.

I went to the Welcome Supermart here and saw the Qoo drinks that i like, with flavours that we do not get in Singapore - soya milk and mango juice:

(I think we do not have this drinks in Malaysia at all)

I bought a can of Qoo apple juice from SOGO yesterday:


er, don't think it would be good idea for you to conduct in cantonese when you are poor with it, for not only you might not be able to think and reason properly, you might also get people to confuse and the message/reply be misinterpreted. depending the audience, sometimes speaking the language poorly with mispronunciation here and there and occasional halt will only cause more be irritated than entertained. maybe pinpin the way she speaks cantonese is indeed funny that really entertains her audience (and her KL teammates too) :). oh, HK people, like KL people are not french, the formers might be more receptive on mistakes made by non mother-tongue speaker. if the users have bad command of english, how about conversing in mandarin instead ? after > 10 years HK returned back to china, and nowadays the world economy is about china and china, surely your audience would not have problem in understanding mandarin. think win-win ( even pinpin is sounded like win-win). nevertheless, i know pinpin will know the best way, especially after rejuvenated with qoo apple juice :).

don't stay up too late hor to recharge for tomorrow great show . cheers, all the best!
(the porridge and chicken rice dont look that tasty leh ....)

Haha! u speak cantonese? better no lah! I can't imagine how funny it would be. by the way if u really do so,pls record for me. I want to ENJOY it whenever I am down. thanks. :p

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