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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Arrived in HK on Monday late evening. The kick-off meeting went on well yesterday, even though i did not do much preparation and only slept for 3 hours on the night before.

Starting from today until next Friday, we will be holding the gap-fit workshop on different functional areas. I did not do much work during my vacation in USA and had not done any preparation for the workshop. Fortunately, after the kick-off session, all the rest of the week will be in charge by the two consultants. My session will be in next week and i still have time to prepare the slides and demo.

I'm still recovering from the jet lag and had only slept for 6 hours+ for two nights combined. Oddly, i do not feel sleepy despite the weariness from the excessive travelling.

Boss is in UK this week and he called me yesterday after reading my email and realised that i am back to work. He sounded happy that i am back and started passing back to me some of the work that he had assigned to the two consultants during my absence.

Sigh, now i really have the feeling that my vacation is so over... back to reality.


sheesh, don't let your boss knows about this not much preparation, otherwise he'd know that you were actually not doing your best ... oh well, it doesn't matter as long as the meeting went off smoothly and successful. but then, even with jetlag, you should not let yourself with only 3 hours of sleep, it's really unhealthy with inadequate of rest even you don'tfeel sleepy and weary. you might carry dark circles under your eyes into the meeting. perhaps you should cut down starbucks to adjust back your biological clock - you drank too much of it during in the States liao.

have confidence in your team (don't be like your boss so mistrusting), sometimes you just can't be everywhere and do everything by yourself (unless it's about job security lor). being in conducive and highly charged team not only lift up morale and fun working environment of learning skills from each other, patching up each other weakness, it also produces synergy and work that you would be proud of (and brag&blog about it too) that lone person hardly can achieve.

all the best of your workshop. yes, it's time to snap back to reality and work. oh wait, you can still have mini holiday in HK during the weekend mah, with your colleagues along. work is work, but don't over stress yourself and pushing yourself in one direction, sometimes relaxing yourself a bit (not a lot hor) might spark off creativeness and innovation. have fun, and cheers :).

(hmm, i hope you have settled all your IDs before you flew to HK....)

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