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Monday, August 22, 2011


At the lift area now, waiting for the gals. And the time now is 8:18am.

We have said to meet up at 8am everyday and then have breakfast together before walking to office. Yet, every single day, I'd have to wait for them here. They are late everyday. Not just 5 or 10 minutes late, but more than 20 minutes.

It's very annoying.


how come you with sprained ankle able to get earlier than them? sigh ... cool down cool down, it doesn't worth to get annoyed for some other people's bad habit. if it somehow affects the outcome, like being late to the workshop because you have a sprain, you gotta talk to them (nicely and not in frustrated mood hor). this gonna be a training for your people managing skill lor. i guess they probably overlooked your condition, and sometimes it gets positive result by being a down-to-earth, and perhaps their conscience will correct their mistake. no point of building up your frus and spoil the relationship with your colleagues and jeopardize the meeting, think for the bigger and overall picture.

oh, when you're annoyed, wonder if qoo apple juice could save the day? gosh, if this the case, you gotta stock them for every breakfast lor. hopefully the workshop today went smoothly, and your audience really appreaciated your cantonese, if you indeed conversed with the language :). cheers, and keep it up, pinpin. don't let yourself down.

How come they r so inconsiderate? maybe u should jokingly told them: y don't we change the meet up time to 8:30 so everybody can have extra half an hour to sleep or prepare?
They should get the hint then :p

Mmmm...my question different from Sui: How come you're so considerate?

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