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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who's the boss

Was just done with reviewing the gap-fit document written by the two ladies and that will be used for the review meeting in another 5 hours time.

Uh huh, it was another late night for me, while my two subordinates should already be in their deep deep sleep already. Sometimes I really wonder who's the real boss here.

Anyway, am only left with 2.5 hours of sleep before I gotta wake up and get ready for work. So I'd better sleep now and leave the ranting to another day.


Geee... the boss is doing the work for the staff? I supposed their work must be really crapy then. Why are you doing all these and they get the credit? You really think you're going to get all the credit for this? My question for you is: Should you ask your boss to demote you but remain your pay. Call the consultant boss, and you be a consultant.

Second question: What do you think they would do (to you), if they are your boss?

gosh, gosh, why were you so pushing yourself?! this is really crazy, and what if you faint in the middle of the meeting - remember the fatigue story your brought up ... .gosh i hope the today's last meeting was successful, i guess you had taken lots of starbucks to buck up.

sprain ankle, lack of sleep, wait for the late subordinates .. why are the consultants so heartless one?? don't they know they should be really grateful to be under a capable boss, that they can learn from her, nurture under her and working together to make work becomes more meaningful and synergized. sigh, seems like the HK trip doesn't bring you any fun and make you happy (maybe except for the unique qoo drink). ironically, as the world's getting modern, more and more lower in rank rise against the boss. and yet the former always get the public sympathy. but then, fact is boss always gets the credit (and sometimes in unfortunate case, blame too). you really need to reflect and change from current style, and you need to "properly" take care of yourself first before you start taking care of others. it's fine that you want to perform at your best, but you need to also realize your limit too. you need to know that work will never finish, and it can always be continued the next day, day after next, 3 days later, etc etc.

enjoy the weekend, and the holiday next week. cheers, and be positive, gal.

LF, they did do their job and i was supposed to review it. And then when i reviewed it, i found it not to my satisfaction and hence gotta revise it myself because it had to be presented on the very next day.

As for your questions about who would be getting the credit and what they would have done, frankly it never crossed my mind. All i was thinking was just that i would never allow "imperfect" work to be presented to the business, which would potentially tarnish our (or my) reputation. That's the price to pay for being a perfectionist i guess. ;)

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