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Saturday, August 27, 2011

At HK Airport

Am in the Krisflyer Silver Lounge now, and going to leave for the gate after this post.

Slept for only 3 hours last night. Was watching the TV and didn't realise the time.

I bought mooncakes and a lot of facial products in HK. I did not leave much room in my luggage when i came here, so i gotta stuff it to the fullest last night. It almost could not fit everything. I must bring a bigger luggage next time.

Not going back to JB this weekend again. I have not been back in JB for the entire August and kinda miss home. I gotta settle my lost NRIC and driving license in Singapore next Monday; otherwise, i would have requested to work from JB on Monday since Tuesday is a public holiday.

There are still lots of outstanding work to catch up, but i'm not gonna worry about it this weekend. I really need a good rest to recuperate from the extensive travelling.


aiyo! HK leh! small luggage won't be enough mah! :p
however, welcome back.
Enjoy your weekend and holiday no matter how many work not settle yet.

aiseh ... i thought you could make the report about the loss IDs even on saturday when you were back from LA the last time. work really does driving you nuts. it's kinda waste that you could not make use of this weekend to enjoy with your friends. and your friend would miss your mooncake brought back from HK ler ....

i wonder if your panda eyes had gotten worse than before, sigh. don't push so hard yourself on work, and get a good nice rest. if you fall sick, then all the effort would be just wasted. besides, if you work from fully recharged and in the top form, you are to be able to see things more clearly (not with pening-pening head). cheers, and have nice weekend :).

I've reported the loss of NRIC in SG via the police portal. This is solely for the purpose of Malaysian IC replacement, which requires a police report. For SG, i don't need a police report; i only need to apply a new NRIC at the relevant department (and pay a fine for losing the NRIC).

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