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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not doing anything

Or rather, not doing anything productive.

Uh huh, that was what i've been doing - or not doing - for these three days. I didn't even step out of the house.


Couldn't drag myself out of bed to go to church with my landlady (she is my aunt's friend from church). The church is at Bukit Batok and we gotta take two buses to get there. The Sunday service starts at 8:30am (i think) and she would leave home at around 6:50am. I wasn't disciplined enough to sleep early on Saturday night and hence couldn't get up early. Had been missing church for more than a month already. That's really bad.

Anyway, i ended up spending the day doing nothing but reading novel on my iPhone.


Woke up with a headache and hence decided to work from "home". Told my boss that i might have over-tired myself from the travelling and he actually apologised for having me to fly over to HK right after my USA trip.

Anyway, it was a slow day and i didn't really do much work, even though i had two conference calls from "home". Oh, and that also meant i didn't go settle my lost NRIC and driving licence. Oops, talking about procrastination.


Spent the day catching up on my FB and watched lots of clips made by some famous YouTubbers. Not sure why i did that, when i could have spent the day uploading my photos, or reading some books, or blogging. I guess i was just not in the mood to do anything that requires using my brain too much - ok, i'm not implying that reading through FB updates or watching YouTube clips are brainless stuff. Just don't read too much into the writing of a person who isn't using much of her brain today.

Anyway, somehow i was reminded of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.

I must be back to office tomorrow and seriously get back to work. The application for replacements of my NRIC and driving license will have to be on Thursday then.


gee, how could you keep on postpone and postpone about the IDs, you should have put that as top priority, and it's been ~1 month already since you lost them. gosh, you should have sense of urgency in this right after you came back from LA or HK trip. oh well, since you have made report for the loss. i guess the rest is just follow up. but, it's still bad to be such passive, to the extent of skipping church somemore and left your landlady to travel alone by herself (*shake head shake head). pinpin, you gotta be real discipline next time when you mean it, don't make procrastination really into one irreversible kick out habit (sadly, it seems to be part of you liao). say "tak nak" to procrasination, be one active gal hor. (hmm i wonder what would your boss reaction if you email your boss the mtv to tell him your mood ...)

reading is good, but reading at small screen on an iphone is not good for health, especially for eyes. and the headache on monday must be the result of this (and also your lacked of sleep). perhaps ipad2 is your solution :), darn, i should not preach you for spending spree ... stop being lazy, gal. after all the vacations (and its blues), now it's time to turn to work seriously. time to unleash your productivity, potential. more exciting things are supposed to await you. so, gal, keep it up, and look forward for some of your never-say-never story ahead :). cheers.

WuHoooooo! That's exactly what I did too!!!! Yesterday!!!! I slept at 4.30am on Monday but got 2 clients on Monday morn hence got to go but at the end of the day I am dead! And Tue I just sleeeeeep! Soooooo goooood to be doing nothing!

High 5 my friend!

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