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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy week

We left SG at around 8:45pm today and reached home in JB at around 11pm.

No, there wasn't a traffic jam. What happened was that mom missed the exit and gotta drove all the way to Ulu Tiram and then came back by Pasir Gudang highway. Sigh, what a long journey home.

Anyway, it had been a super hectic week for me. I've been staying in the office past 9pm from Monday to Thursday. Was blogging in the cab yesterday while on my way "home", but then the mobile signal suddenly just went off and the Apple Apps that i was using to blog requires constant network connection. So i lost the post and was too pissed to write again.

Am going to KL from JB on Monday and then return to SG on Tuesday. Uh huh, it's gonna be just a two days trip this time.

We have a new CIO. The previous one (who liked me very much) had left and this new one has just joined us for a month or two. He is visiting Asia Pacific next week, and the first stop is KL. My boss wants us, the managers, go to KL and present our area of work to the new CIO. There will also be lunch and dinner sessions with him. He will only be in KL for two days, and the next stop is SG. He will then fly to Australia on Thursday.

I have originally wanted to stay in KL for the entire week, but boss told me to return to SG too so that i could bring the new CIO to the branch office. Basically, there is a free time slot on Wednesday morning and my boss gotta attend the board meeting. He does not want the CIO having nothing to do or not having anyone to accompany the CIO, and so he figured that i am the best time filler. I would also need to take care of his lunch on that day because boss will be eating with the board members. I asked the IT Managers and IT Consultant to go together, and warned them not to leave me alone with the new CIO.

So, it's gonna be another hectic week ahead, entertaining the big shot. I am so gonna make sure i enjoy this weekend before the start of a new busy week.

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and there's going to be nice lunch and dinner as well, oh you have mentioned them :). wait a minute, isn't it this monday is mid-autumn festival. sigh, you're gonna miss it with your friends in JB, SG then. gotta treat yourself nice nice dinner on that day!

good luck in bringing around the big shot, good dedicated team leader will surely bring great impression and positive effect to your team. and jaga sikit your temper hor.... cheers, have fun week ahead :D.

wait wait, on second thought, why your boss being so inconsiderate of having you moving around with your sprain haven't recovered. gosh, if only he's actually giving you opportunity to get network with the big shot .... take good care. on another note, don't let ppl caught you blogging (you left a post on monday earlier than 9pm) in the office and know of your rant too. cheers :).

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