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Monday, September 12, 2011

Delayed again

I am now at Senai Airport waiting to board the plane. The flight is supposed to be departing at 8:50am but I am still waiting at the gate.

Uh huh, the flight is delayed, again.

This time, not only MAS but all flights are delayed due to technical problem at the airport.

Ok, this is unexpected situation that happens everywhere and so I shouldn't be complaining about it. But the the thing is not so much about the technical problem (even though that creates inconvenience to the passengers). The issue I have is on how the delay is handled.

Firstly, the screen is showing the gate status as "calling", and this usually means the plane is ready for boarding or they are already boarding passengers already. Yet, this is apparently not the case, as I've not even seen the plane.

Then there is no announcement of the delay at all. The airport and the airline did not bother to inform the travellers what happened. When I went to ask the ground crew if they were boarding already (at around 8:45am), the person told me (pointing through the glass window), "as you can see, we are having problem with the ladder."

Oooookaaay, seriously, I can't tell there is a problem. Even if I can, it doesn't mean they need not inform passengers of the delay, right?! And how about the standard "we apologise for the delay"? Oh, perhaps they aren't sorry because shit happens and there is nothing to be apologetic about. The passengers should be understanding.

Welcome to Malaysia.

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Gee, that's not a good start of the day, especially when there's a big shot to meet . Btw, malaysia day is just few days away only, and, sigh, what a bad impression u just had..

oh no! I'm gonna fly to KL then Sarawak this Fri too, hope it will get better, I dun wanna get stuck in the airport! It's gonna be a long week for me too!

geez, that's not a good start of the day, and you have to meet a big shot somemore. hopefully things turned out to be great despite the unfortunate incident in the morning and didn't leave you being sulky. well, malaysia day is coming, perhaps you should be a bit cutting down bash and being instigator for your friend to follow :P. but then to speak up is to care. not all malaysian customer services are like this, your KL teammates and your friends are different mah. there's still much of improvement ahead can be done, so don't give up on the nation hor. cheers.

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