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Monday, September 26, 2011

A new week ahead

Ok, i've wanted to write a long post on something that happened today (or rather, yesterday since it has passed midnight), but apparently i did not get to it at all.

I was editing and uploading my photos of the LA Trip to FB and it actually took me more than 4 hours! And that was only for one of the days! I wonder how long it's gonna take me to complete the entire trip.

Anyway, i guess i gotta leave the post to tomorrow then, for it's time for bed. It's gonna be the start of a brand new week. The previous week hasn't been good, as it ended with me feeling rather lousy. Yet, i actually feel quite good now and am ready for another busy (and hopefully productive) week ahead.

Good night.


i hope what had happened was not something that made you feel down (the "rare" good night wish seemed a different of you ) ...
sleep early, cut down the habit of being night owl. keep staying positive, and when you are, you'll see things clearer and do better. cheers.

Ya lor! previously, I just need to wrote daily or developed photos to write something on it. now with FB have to edit photo, select photo & post it, and it's always took long time. Seem like our jobs are increasing wor! :p

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