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Monday, September 19, 2011

Wasted weekend

So i've not been updating my blog regularly, not even over the weekend.

Alright, it's not that i was busy over the weekend. In fact, i did not step out of the house at all on Saturday.

I spent the weekend watching videos on my iPhone again. This time, it was a Korean drama, which i concluded that it was a total waste of my time after finished watching it - it was just ddddrrrraaaaaaggggggyyyyyyy...

The lead lady cried so much (in every episode for more than half the time) that i felt the tears gonna flow out of my iPhone. There were several times that i swear i felt like slapping her after watching the excessive shots of her tearful face calling/shouting "oppa" ("brother") repeatedly.

So why then waste time on it, you asked.

Frankly, i do not know. I should have used the time to upload the pictures and videos of my LA trip to FB (there are so many more to go!). Yet, once i started watching the first episode, i couldn't stop finishing it. It isn't because it was very good or what; i just wanna see how the story progressed and ended, and so i tortured myself by watching it all the way till the end. It was actually quite a silly thing to do, as i should have known how the story ended anyway. Uh huh, it pretty much followed the typical plot. Yawn.

Anyway, i've posted several videos on my FB. Based on the LIKE and comments, my friends seem to especially fancy the one on King Kong simply because all my yelling was recorded too (i am not the kind of lady who normally yells or shouts).


fortunately it's not that you did not step out of the room just for the sake of korean drama, phew. normally korean drama the guys are over egoistic, the girls are too much crying, the antagonists are so much out of society norm ... and drowning yourself the whole series in one weekend is not so much good for you lor. no, not on iphone again, it's time to go for ipad, otherwise your eyes will start squinting already. cheers.

it was funny...not the clip but hearin you shouting at the back(gournd)!!!

strange, i don't here any shout, and all i see is 1 great singer + 4 persons wearing monkey mask that are doing something (like singing) than not doing nothing. or i tuned to the wrong clip, aiseh .......

btw, if you care to share, why were you shouting leh??

that's strange... you must have gotten the wrong clip.

Here's the youtube link:

Seeing the show with 3-D glasses was really scary. It looked as if the creatures were really jumping at me.

no, no, the clip you posted overhere is bruno's mtv, not kingkong. btw, hehe, the way you shout makes it more funny than scary .... cheers. you better don't get angry this week ahead :)

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