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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The past week

This is just gonna be a random updates of what happened over this week that is gonna end soon.

The driver whose car i hit last Sunday had finally called me today. I have been waiting for his call for the whole week and was starting to wonder if he still wants the compensation at all. He had wanted to meet up tomorrow in SG to get the money from me but i cannot make it. I asked him to meet me during weekday (he works in SG too) but it seems like he only has time on weekends. In the end, he said he would ask his friend to pick it up from me on weekday.

My SG aunt came in to JB with us last night. She comes to JB every month to do full-body massage at a Chinese reflexology center. Mom and i went with her today. I had my first ever full-body massage today and it brought back unpleasant memories about how my marriage was wrecked. My mind ran wild about the possible scene of the first encounter of YY and that China woman. A supposedly relaxing activity somewhat dampened my mood.

I finally went to see a lawyer on Wednesday morning to start filing for my divorce. The lawyer said it is simple for my case because there is no children, property and money issue involved. It should be a straight-forward process and the new law does not require us to appear at court anymore if there is no dispute. His estimation is that the final judgement on the divorce application should be completed by February next year.

The meeting with the lawyer was very fast (less than an hour). After the meeting, i went to Ma Kuang TCM Medical Centre to see a Chinese physician. I was starting to feel mild pain on my sprained foot again and decided i really ought to see a doctor instead of waiting for it to heal by itself. The physiotherapist who attended to me was a Chinese lady. She massage the sprained area and it was very painful (because she pressed it with strong force). It was more painful after the therapy and i really wonder if i did the right thing. Anyway, i am still applying the herbal plaster on the sprained area (until tomorrow) and hopefully it will indeed heal after that. She told me to go back for a return visit next week but i don't think i'd do so anymore. The charge was expensive - SGD50+ and it is not claimable (my company does not recognise TCM fee). I might as well do it in Malaysia, which should be cheaper.

Mom told me that grandma fell down again on Friday and now her face is all bruised. Grandma is really a stubborn old lady. She cannot walk well anymore but she would always walk on her own when nobody is by her side despite everyone telling her not to do so. On the night she fell, the maid we hired to take care of her was in the kitchen washing dishes. Grandma woke up and saw nobody was around. She then wanted to walk to the kitchen to see if anyone was there. She was wearing socks and then she must have slipped and fell. I hope she did not hurt herself too terribly.

Had worked late everyday for the past week. The Canada and USA projects are entering critical phase and the Americans are having conference calls with us at least one per week. I was even asked to joined an urgent conference call at 11:15pm on one of the nights and it ended at around 1:30am.

In our team, only the pretty gal and i are involved in the projects for non-Asia countries. She is having a 10-day vacation since last Friday and i'd have to fill in for her. I guess it's gonna be a super hectic week ahead again. Sigh.


gee, thought you have given up on TCM already. it's been more than 2 months already since you injured you ankle, hope you are much better already, and able to wear high heels again :). hmm, how are you going to meet up with the guy to pay for the repair bill given that the hectic week ahead .... all the best for the upcoming projects, perhaps the company should sponsor you for US trip since the project is in critical phase :). whilst working hard, take good care of health too (that's very important!), and get sufficient of rest too so that your mind is at top form. cheers.

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