I think, therefore I write. (我思,所以我写。)

Cogito ergo scribo

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

No time for sadness

Have been feeling sad since the day when it was time to see the lawyer.

Uh huh, that means that i've actually been feeling rather down for a few weeks already but i just didn't write much about it. In fact, i didn't even talk about it. I just kinda ignore it and go about my life as usual.

Somehow, it felt worse today and had thought of blogging about it. But then, i decided that instead of being engulfed by sorrow, i might as well be occupied with work. Not sure which is more pathetic - drowning in sorrow or numbing myself with work.

Oh well, if you would excuse me, i'm gonna go reply tons of emails from the Americans now.


how about eating some yummy happy icecream while reading the emails. by the time you finish replying the email, it's already time to bed already, sure you can't think of other things when you're already so tired reading those words and woke up so early in the morning. stay positive pinpin. cheers.

when I'm down I normally go for good food, or go to play bowling or badminton, or go to game arcade, play 太鼓达人,as long as can宣泄。you may want to try it out.

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