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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Working night shift

I am gonna work from 9pm to 4am tonight to support Canada on their UAT. Hence i am at "home" now and will not be going to office tomorrow too.

Knowing that i gotta stay up the whole night today, i intentionally slept very late last night at around 2.30am. I hoped to adjust my biological clock a bit to Canadian timezone (12 hours behind us). Then i woke up in the noon today, and intend to get some sleep again later at around 5pm just so that i can last through the night.

After i woke up, i went out to have a quick lunch and also bought some snacks in case i needed it for tonight. Then i worked for while until my colleague asked me if i had heard the news about Steve Jobs's passing. I was shocked and felt sad.

The Web is now swamped with news, blog posts, messages and tweets about his passing. I am sure this is gonna last for a few weeks. After all, this is a person who has really changed the world. I am gonna write more in another post while getting ready for my night shift.


i read the news of his passing this morning and it was shocked and sad to me. reminds of MJ news years ago. it caused me less mood to work today, though everyday is also dispirited, but today is worse, with spending much of the time browsing on steve jobs instead being productive... hope you would not be like this. perhaps, given jobs biography and his determination, hope that you will try to emulate his spirit (and not on his health management) when it comes to work. cheers, and all the best in your conference.

sigh, it's really a great lost in technology world, one great lost, and he was not that old ...

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