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Monday, October 17, 2011

The past week

This is gonna be a random update on what happened over the week, besides working late nights everyday.

The Canada project is postponed to next Jan/Feb because of some issues that came up at the eleventh hour. The business decision is to divert the effort to the USA project first and put Canada aside. It was a rather disappointing news to us, especially after all the hard work and late nights. But then, this is part and parcel of doing projects - the risks and uncertainties. Oh, and the pretty gal will be going to USA next week to support the project for two weeks. I didn't get to go this time... sigh.

The IT Consultant is away for two weeks for his reservist (in Australia!) and my boss asked one IT guy from the SG office to station at the regional office to help out with the work. This guy is only around 30 years old but he keeps calling me "彬妹" (younger sister). I told him to address me as big sister but he refused. He said it felt strange to call me big sister because i look younger than him. Well, normally we would feel happy if someone says we look young, but not in this case. This guy is quite flirtatious with gals in the office and i do not like that. I would want to draw a line and told him that i won't answer him if he calls me younger sister.

The run-away maid is still at the home and my landlady told me that no other employers want her. The only choices for my landlady now are to send the maid back to Philippines (and lost the SGD2K+ that she had paid for getting the maid) or to bring her back to this home again. My landlady had contemplated bringing the maid back but the kids objected strongly. I also advised her not to do so. Anyway, she called the maid and the maid refused to come back. So i guess the choice is obvious now.

YY came pick up his golf sets on Saturday. That's the last piece of physical thing he had at my home and he finally came to remove it; yet what he could never remove from that house is the years of memory that will always lingers and wrenches my heart.

I was having menstrual cramp and headache over the weekend. My menses was late this time (which is very rare), probably due to stress and over-tiring myself. Stayed at home over the weekend but am still exhausted. I plan to stop working so late for this week and have good rest every night.

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Yes. u really shouldn't work so late everyday. Is it a norm to work so late in ur line or only u?

never mind lah, sure you have the chance to get sent to US again, you just have to continue doing your job at your usual style :). maybe you did not get sent this time round coz you're too indispensable liao, hehe. however, you really really need to reduce working till late nights, it did not do good to your health. cheers.

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