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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A real-life love story

Two days ago i heard a news on the radio and then i did a search on the Web for it. It was a news that really touches my heart.

All the photos of the couples are filled with blissful smiles. They were always in each other's arms and you can really feel their happiness and love for each other.

This somehow reminded me of the song 最浪漫的事.





I am not a romantic person by nature. Sometimes i may even appear as aloof or cold to some people. When it comes to love, i am not the kind who is lovey-dovey all the time, nor the kind who would come up with all the romantic ideas to please the loved one.

To me, love is not necessarily something overt. Sometimes, the deepest love is expressed in a way that is the least obvious. We must not overlook every little thing or gesture a person does for you, for what we take for granted can in fact be the greatest love displayed in subtlety.

It is just like what is sung in the song - the most romantic thing is actually to grow old slowly with the person you love. Life can be a long journey, and often a difficult one too. When there is this person who is willing to commit the rest of his/her life to you, vow (and honour it) to hold you hands till death do you apart, and still love you and care for you when your face is already full of wrinkles, tell me, what can be more romantic than this?

This was the dream that i once had but now has shattered into pieces. In this modern era, love has become something transitory to many people, and marriage is nothing but a piece of paper that binds two person together and can be revoked anytime. I've come to realised that true love is rare in this world now. Sometimes i even wonder if there is still any at all.

After reading the news, i thank God that true love story does exist in real life. It did not happen to me, but at least it does exist. And somehow, that is comforting to know.


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