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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unsettled mind

I'm not in the blogging mood lately, and i guess this is rather obvious from the infrequent updates.

Well, in fact i am not in the mood of doing anything.

It has been a slow week at work too, for i've handed the USA project back to the pretty girl and that eased off a portion of my workload. Yet, i'm still not sleeping early and spent lots of my non-working time reading novels off my iPhone.

Recently there have been some good and bad things encountered at work, and now i am at the point of my life to think about what i wanna do for the future. I do not know where i should cast my hope for the future even though i've been telling myself that there is always hope in life as long as we are alive and able. I'm just feeling so apprehensive about the roads ahead that i chose not to think too much about it and occupied myself with useless activities instead.

I'm an ostrich.

I think i should pray for direction from God, especially at times like this, but i'm not doing it. My mind is in a whirlpool of thoughts. I do not know what's wrong with me.

Perhaps i need time off from my life.


sigh, i guess this applies to a lot of people too - people does not know what to do for future. life as it goes? perhaps, you wanna ask yourself what did you want to be and do when you were a kid. and reminds you a forgotten goal.

cheers, sleep early and don't always be moody.

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