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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plan changed

Yes, yes, i know, i know, i've been really lax in blogging over these few months. It would be an excuse if i were to say that i'm busy at work. Even though i am indeed rushing for some work, that does not mean that i have no time to write a few lines. Work is still manageable despite series of unpleasant events that has been bugging me for months already.

I have not been blogging because i'm very much addicted (still) in reading novels on my iPhone, so much so that i have been sleeping late for it. That is stressing my eyes too and sometimes i really wonder if i'd go blind if i carry on like this.

Talking about eyes, i was forced to change my plan of going for LASIK operation in early December. There is an important workshop that will be held in mid-December and i am one of the key persons in the preparation. The project manager (from UK)of this workshop was very concerned when i told him about my LASIK plan. He urged me to re-schedule it but i refused. He then brought it up to the top management as a concern and project risk. My boss then came to talk to me and told me to change the plan if, as he said he would not want anyone to point fingers at us if anything were to go wrong in the workshop. Talk about office politics and ass-covering... sigh.

Well, since my boss has already raised the request, i gotta relent. After all, this operation is not something for a sickness and not as if it can't be re-planned. But then, this of course makes me very unhappy, for there is a reason on why i chose that date in the first place and now it won't work for me anymore. It's frustrating when work interferes with personal life. This also makes me feel even more demoralised, when the situation at work isn't exactly very good already.

Anyway, it's not really a big deal. I guess when one is already sick of the job and in a low spirit, any little things would be amplified and taken negatively. I am well aware of this and gotta make extra effort to keep myself thinking positively. Perhaps looking forward to Christmas can help to lift my spirit up.

(Humming to myself: 'tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la...)


so this is the reason why you are so unhappy about work and your boss, i thought it was something about work performance or staff mutiny. but then, it seems that you are one indispensable and you should use this as bargain to bill your boss and company for LASIK like what your friend did when he bought furniture, aha. like what you have said, try to stay positive and look at things lightly, this shouldn't be much big deal about it. unless of course it ruins your 2011 resolution, ruins your xmas and newyear celebration and friends gathering with a bug surprise of without contact lens or glasses ...hmm, it's really quite a big deal after all, sigh. people said less sufficient of sleep would cause one gets frustrated easily, so you should discipline yourself to get to bed when it's time and stop drowning yourself with novels into late nights, especially on a 3.5" screen gadget, jeez. i guess it's not only you that sick with job, but to be easily give away like that throwing tantrum is just not so right for you. and, you sure have scared your colleagues and team with your attitude, and that's not good. cool down pinpin.... (gee, what am i typing here, all i wanna say is stay positive, ah, you have said that already).

sometimes i wonder, why don't you try to pen yourself a novel to light up yourself? gotta look forward to hear from you the experience without glasses, contact lenses anymore :). don't be sulky or you'll scare your team and friends. cheers :)

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