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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

At Senai Airport

Going to KL and will be there until Friday.

The trip to Kukup was not much fun. I did not go anywhere but stayed in the room resting and reading novel on my iPhone. I could have done that at home without the hours of driving and putting up with staying in the same room with 7 other people. Anyway, mom did have fun with her church friends.

Boss will be in KL too this week. There has been a bit of tension between him and me since a few months back. Nowadays I'd really rather not be at the same place as him.

I intend to do some shopping while I'm there this week. Hope I can spare some time in the evening to do so even though I'm rushing for a piece of work under tight deadline.

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well, it's kinda expected right? I hope there were no mosqitoes...

haha! sometime u should just be a bit "open", then u wouldn't find the gathering boring lor!
like me, if my family say want to go for karaoke, I'll tag along even thou I don't have chance to sing. To me, singing is not the priority liao! I'll entertain my aunties they all by selecting song for them to sing. As long as they enjoy, I'm happy.
So u r happy to see your mum enjoying her trip too, right? then that's worth it lor!

at least out of JB, fresh air! ym

err, what happened on the workplace? hopefully it was not very serious and still able to have some chat with your boss. have fun in KL, don't overwork yourself. cheers :)

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