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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Well, as you may be able to tell, lately i'm still not in the mood to blog. Besides being rather down, i am feeling tired too. There are situations at work and i will leave it to another post. For this post, i'm just gonna do a random updates of these two weekends.

Basically, i've not been having sufficient rest over the weekends. That probably explained my fatigue (of course, sleeping late everyday is still the main contributing factor).

Last Saturday, EY came in to JB again and i spent the entire day driving him to the furniture shops in Taman Molek and Bukit Indah. He has gotten his HDB unit and renovating it now. He had wanted to get all the furniture from JB because it's cheaper but then the design of most furniture here did not suit his taste.

Anyway, at the end, he finally get a few pieces from one of the furniture shops at Bukit Indah. It was an eye opener for me to see how he bargained for prices. I felt relief that he did not buy from PT after seeing how he pushed the price down again and again with the salespersons. It is not easy to do business with him.

Last Sunday, after the church service, my family celebrated grandma's 93rd birthday (i think) at a restaurant. My uncle and aunts came in from SG, and there were 18 of us. We had lunch at 阿明帝皇鸭 restaurant. The roasted duck there is really nice.

It's long weekend this week but still packed with activities. This morning, i went with my mom and aunt to the Chinese reflexology center for a full-body massage again. We are making this a monthly affair, as it really helps in loosening up our stiff neck, shoulders and back. This is especially needed for people like me who lacks exercise and spend most of the time sitting in front of computer.

In the evening, i went to my church cell group leader's house for BBQ gathering. His house is at Horizon Hill and this was the first time i went there. I was very impressed with this housing estate and even had a brief moment of thoughts on getting a house and live there too.

The gathering was quite fun, with games and good food. The guys did the BBQ for us and hence i did not have to do anything but just ate and mingled. It was also interesting to see our senior pastor in his casual outfit and joking around with us.

Tomorrow after the church service, mom and i are going to join her cell group in a getaway weekend at Kukup. We will be driving there right after the Sunday service and then spend one night there. The plan is to have seafood and visit the Mangrove forest, and of course to fellowship.

I wasn't really interested in going at first, as i had hoped to have a good rest over this long weekend. But then mom did not want to go alone since all other members are going with families. Then i figured that my life is rather pathetic to be just work and home all the time. It is also an unhealthy lifestyle to always just keep myself in the room, being all nerdy and not socialising with people. So i'm gonna do something different for a change, and hopefully it is gonna worth sacrificing a restful weekend.


hmm, times is hard, otherwise the seller could have stopped entertaining your friend and focused more on easier "cincai" customers. perhaps you learned a few tricks and apply the skill in your shopping spree. oh wait, obviously those sales are "no bargain".

hope you have a nice holiday today. gal, you gotta stay positive and stop hiding behind the walls. cheers.

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