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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trivia of my uneventful days

  1. Had dinner with LF at MOF @ Bugis just now. It's great to meet up with friend(s) after work, even when it's just a couple of hours of chatting. It helps me to unwind and that sure does me good.

  2. A colleague is in Korea now and am going to ask her to help buy some Skinfood products. I heard those Korean skincare brands are a lot cheaper there.

  3. Bought 3 tickets from Sistic online today for a Chinese talkshow on Jan 2012 at Esplanade. I will be going with LF and Carol.

  4. Heard an interesting news this morning about pigeons taking train instead of flying. Amazing... animals are so smart now.

  5. Am seriously planning to go for LASIK in December. I am now left with about 7 days supply of contact lenses (i wear daily disposable lenses), and i will have to be off contact lenses for at least a week before going for the pre-op check-up. I intend to use up all my contact lenses and then start wearing glasses for about 10 days or so. This means that i can only go for the check-up and surgery in early December.

  6. School holidays in SG will be starting next week and my landlady will be going to China for a week of church mission trip. The two girls are gonna stay with their aunts in Malaysia during their mother's absence. I am so looking forward to the peace and quiet time here.

  7. Am having trouble deciding what to wear to work everyday. I looked at my wardrobe and realised that most of my outfits are rather old already. I really need a wardrobe overhaul. Am looking forward to the year end sale in SG.

  8. I always claim for the cab fare from office back to my "home" in the evening regardless of the time. There is supposedly a company policy that allows employees making transport claims only after working for a certain hours (e.g. 3 hours after working hours). Since this was not clearly stated anywhere, i have hence always asked for a receipt whenever i take a cab home, and then made the claim and my boss has always approved it too. Yet, today my boss noticed a receipt for 7pm and told me to cancel it. I guess i'd lose such "benefit" from now on.

  9. Situation at work still isn't looking good, and that has brought my spirit down. I am not doing anything much to change the situation, at least not for now. Just feel that i should be still for now and see how things go in the end.

  10. Have been having junk food recently due to lousy mood. I think this may have adverse effect on my weight - i've put on about 1.5KG recently. Must really change the habit of having junk food when i am down; instead, some fruits and nuts should lift my spirit up.


gee, you should have signed up long time ago for LASIK since you are such an avid reader, especially on small iphone screen somemore. and it would save your money too on those contact lenses (uh oh, don't mention it's 老娘我有的是钱). don't know what to say about benefit of taking cab whilst most other companies are preaching for cost cutting measure ler ....

Isn't it sweet food or chocolate would have better in lightening one's mood? but then, eating too much would also bad for the body. hope that this week things had gotten better at work. cheers.

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