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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not sleeping enough

I am still in the office and going "home" soon. Decided to post up a few paragraphs before i go.

Had only slept for less than 3 hours last night because i stayed up to read the novel. The strange thing is that i do not feel tired at all today. I did not even yawn for the whole day, not even in the morning when i woke up.

Something is not quite right - i noticed that the longer hours i sleep, the more tired i feel. Yet, i am more energetic (but not necessarily more alert) with shorter sleeping hours. I suspect that my brain is kept active constantly when i'm not having sufficient sleep, and this is in fact unhealthy in the long term because i am basically draining myself physically and mentally.

There may be something beneath this behaviour of self-deprived sleep. I do not know for sure but i can somehow sense it, as if there is a tiny voice telling me that i gotta stop running away from the things that i do not want to face. I have bad dreams sometimes and unpleasant things are happening in my life recently. I could feel depression creeping in and i am coping with it, probably in the wrong way.

Anyway, time to leave office now. Today is considered one of the earliest days for me to knock off from work over these few months. Perhaps this will give me more time to do the nonsense at "home" and then go to bed earlier.


i bet that you were difficult to drag yourself up today, when you reached home tonight and lying on the bed you will immediately fell asleep. well, i wonder what kind of novel that keeps you so addicted that it;s worth to strain your eyes on the iphone. you may not feel tired but i guess your eyes must be real reddy already and scared off your colleagues. and what if you fell sick and get headache in the middle of important task ... and you might not thinking (mind blank) and communicate/speak properly too. perhaps you already developed a habit to sleep late (sigh), how wish if you could discipline yourself no more novel after midnight when time gets to bed - just like you have stopped playing fb games. haiya ...

Gosh! the more u sleep the more tired u feel? This is so familiar. why u pick up my bad habit?

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