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Monday, November 28, 2011

One Minute Fly

There are over 50 posts i saved as drafts in Blogger, some with half-written paragraphs, some with just a title, and some with uploaded pictures or links.

Here's one of the drafts with a YouTube clip that i've shared on my FB many months back.

Don't you feel sometimes you are like just this one-minute fly, with so many things planned for your life and yet can never get them done, whether because of procrastination, not properly managing our priorities, or constrained by the circumstances we are in? I feel that all the time.

I have yet to make my bucket list. I really ought to make one and tick the items off the list one-by-one, just like the fly did. I know some of the things i hope for life can never go onto my bucket list anymore, but for those that do, hopefully i'd have all of them completed by the time i kick the bucket.


don't push yourself hard, gal. somehow, would it not become stress if a checklist is made and duty to clear them up? cheers, and stay positive.

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