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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Last Thursday

Mom went to the Johor Premium Outlet on last Thursday. She said it's really huge; she spent about 5 hours there and did not finish shopping the entire outlet mall. Mom said it was really pack that day and most are Singaporeans and rich Malays. I would like to go shopping for CNY outfits there too, but am hesitant when i think about the crowd.

On the same day in Singapore, i went down to the lawyer's office to sign the affidavit. Once both YY and i have signed the document, the lawyer can file it to the court for a hearing. Since we do not have to appear in court for uncontested divorce, there is nothing further need to be done on my end but just wait. The entire process should take another 3 months or so before the divorce is finalised. It's kinda ironic that the process of ending a marriage is so simple yet expensive.

I took leave on that day even though it took me less than 10 minutes for the signing of the paper. I knew that i was gonna be in a really lousy mood and so decided to give myself a break for that day. After i left the lawyer's office, i went shopping at Orchid Road and spend SGD400+ just in an afternoon. Well, shopping therapy did help, but only for a short while.

On an unrelated note, our group of girlfriends are gonna have a gathering tomorrow. It has been months since we had our last meet-up. This may probably be the last before the end of this year.


read news that it's reported the singaporeans "shop till they drop". kinda waste that you did not use the weekend to be there since they are giving discounts..

hmm, there's still christmas mah where monday will be public holiday, and you can still organize another one before the year end. cheers, hope you had fun with your friends.

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