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Saturday, December 17, 2011


For some reasons, i've not been getting sufficient sleep. I think i have worn myself out because of that. It was so bad that i would fall asleep within 3 seconds of immobility. It happened everyday in the cab over the past workdays. That is really bad.

Gotta sleep soon... mind isn't working anymore... *yawn*


i thought you have just mentioned that you are even more energetic if you sleep less. see lah, it's proven that this is so wrong - you should have gotten yourself sufficient of sleep instead staying up in till very late nights for the novels. health is more important, gal. sigh, when are you really going to kick this bad bad habit. and it's really bad that you got yourself sleep in the cab where you should stay vigilant. sigh, sigh, how come you could program yourself to stay away facebook games but not sleeping late. when one does not get enough of sleep, it tends to be easily frustrated; cannot think properly; stammering; get heavy black panda eyes, and you are not panda, so you won't get cute for this; doze off when inactivity and put yourself in danger; health risk, diarrhea; bla bla, all the bad things come in. please, no no again next time pinpin. hope this happened because of the workshop, but if you did the planning properly and accordingly it would not drag you into late nights, isn't it ?(no, not the novels that dragged you). again, it isn't worth to jeopardize your health for whatever reasons. somemore there is this quote - "no one feels sorry for someone who feels sorry for itself".

cheers, hope the workshop went successfully, and you are going to have a GREAT holiday :). and cut down (better if stop) being night owl...

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