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Monday, December 12, 2011

A packed weekend

I just got back to my rented place at around 10:30pm. It has been a tiring yet fun weekend. I'm just gonna do a very brief update for now, as i am really really really dead tired.

On Friday, the regional office had a team building activity at Snow City, and then followed by dinner at Resort World Sentosa and performance "Voyage de la Vie".

Then early Saturday morning, my boss, ex-little boss and i flew off to KL. We were having team building event for our department at Bukit Tinggi. Uh huh, we had two team building events over three days, with different groups of colleagues.

On Saturday night, boss cancelled the night activities that were originally planned and we all went to Genting Highlands for some entertainment. There was another half-day of activities this morning. After that, my boss and i took the 8:30pm flight back from KL to SG.

We are having a process design sign-off workshop this week in SG. The finance directors from around Asia and a representative from UK will be here to attend the workshop. My team members will be here too. So despite having an exhausted weekend without rest, we still gotta work hard and stay alert for this week.

Gosh, it's sure gonna be a looooooog week for me!


wah, sounds like compensation from your boss of ruining your plan for december hor. but then, it's also like dishing goodies before start ripping you apart in coming week. oops, kidding. all the best in your workshop next week, don't let the "team building" effort goes down the drain. cheers :).

luckily you din start your blog with "what a boring and tired weekend" :p
Guess it's been a long time you went to Genting right?

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