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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am in KL now. Am here for this week.

Besides the regular visit to KL for being with my team members, there are also two other purposes for me to be here this time: (1) to have follow-up discussion with my team on the output from the workshop held last week; (2) to conduct an induction for a new joinee.

Uh huh, there is a new member to my team - an Assistant IS Project Manager. This is an additional headcount; in fact, my team was budgeted to have three more members while the other teams in my department are not allowed to add anymore headcounts. Some people may see it as a bit of unfairness here, when my team is not the one with the most workload but will be the team with the most people after the added headcount. There is a reason for this but i shall not disclose it here. Well, at least not now.

Basically, a lot have happened over this past six months. I figure that it is more prudent for me not to divulge too much until the dust settles.

Work aside, i am also having problem on personal aspect. It is nothing new; just that all the sadness that i've been suppressing over the past years are surfacing now, overwhelming me sometimes. Am in a bit of depression, but of course let's also not discount the possibility that it may be due to holiday season too. Holiday blues always get to me.

I guess the worst part of all is that i know something isn't quite right about me and yet i can't or am not doing anything about it. I do feel like slapping myself sometimes; no, all the time actually.

Sleeping is still bad, both in terms of quantity and quality. Workload is not an excuse for me on not blogging regularly; fatigue is.


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