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Monday, January 09, 2012


Am back in SG now.

Went to do my usual Sunday groceries shopping just now at Cold Storage. The Farmhouse fresh milk was on promotion with two cartons at cheaper price and a small bottle of Fruit Tree Fresh juice for free.

Since i won't be able to finish two cartons of milk, i only bought one despite the promotion. The salesgirl (a Chinese from China) saw me taking only one carton, so she reminded me about the promotion and i told her that i can't finish two. Then she asked me to wait for a while and still gave me the free fruit juice.

I was shocked and asked isn't the free fruit juice only for customers buying two cartons of milk?. She then said to me that she was giving it to me nonetheless since i am so pretty.

Ok, i am not too sure what your though is now after reading that, but there was this person in me rolling my eyes and thought, "bullshit lar, you just wanna quickly give out all the juices so that you can go home". Of course, being the polite person that i am, i did not respond in the same way. I smiled at her and said thank you.

Anyway, whatever the reason is, i welcome all freebies.

And talking about freebie, here's something i have wanted to whine about last month but forgot about it.

The Starbucks in SG give a cup of free coffee (the daily brew) for every packet of coffee powder bought. Since the introduction of their loyalty card, we can even keep the free coffee for future redemption (they will record it in the system but only for a limited time). Previously the free coffee will just be forfeited if we do not redeem it on the spot.

Last month i bought two packets of coffee powder at one of the Starbucks outlets near our office.

After i paid for the coffee powder, the staff did not ask the usual question of whether i want to redeem the free coffee or to keep it. I then asked the staff if i would get any free coffee and he said no. I told him that normally i would get free coffee with the coffee powder when i buy it at the other outlets, but he still said no and looked at me as if i've said something really bizarre.

I have bought the coffee powders at several Starbucks outlets before and all had given out the free coffee. Hence i doubt it is something applicable only to certain outlets. My guess is that this staff was unaware of it at all, which is rather surprising because i've always thought and found Starbucks staff to be very well trained.

Frankly, i was quite unhappy about this. Hey, after all, we are talking about two cups of free coffee here. But then, i did not want to argue or insist about it, but i did tell myself that i am not gonna buy anything from that outlet anymore.

For those who do not know - i love freebie, and i'm pissed when i don't get it.


Haha! is it? I really don't know leh!

i thought the theme for year 2012 is "change to change". instead of changing to pessimism, you should have fought back when you are right, if you think you are. walking away is something you should not have done, though this might be trivia but it's bad to entrench it as habit. uh, i get it, that was last month. so next time, it would not be something like walking away. but then, i think the maybe starbucks guy is trying to help to cut down coffee since you are frequent customer :). give you free juice and yet you call her bullshiting, haiyaya... cheers.

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