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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

At Senai Airport

Am taking the 8:40 am flight flying to KL from JB. Will be there till Friday and then fly back to JB.

This has almost become my usual routine now for at least once per month - book a cab for 6:30 am, reach airport at around 7:00 am, put on my contact lenses and makeup in the washroom, check in, take breakfast at Coffee Bean, proceed to the gate, board, take off, touch down, collect luggage, and then take a cab to office.

These are just so predictable, but when we are talking about taking a flight and travelling, predictability is good. We sure do not want any unforeseeable situation.


I tot I am the only one who chose to put on makeup at the airport before boarding. But I din do it everytime. Only when I am running out of time and not manage to do it at home. ym

haha, that's what I do also whenever I'm taking a morning flight! But for me is, breakfast come first before make-up!

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